Higher Ed Groups Support Voting Rights
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Higher Ed Groups Support Voting Rights

Forty-eight higher education groups, including the American Council on Education, have issued a statement opposing efforts, currently being pursued in several states, to make it more difficult to vote.

"We strongly oppose the many efforts currently underway across the nation to suppress voting by qualified voters. We stand with all who seek to expand rather than restrict voting and civic participation. We are particularly concerned with proposals that would roll back some of that progress by raising barriers to student voting, including prohibiting students from using their campus addresses to register or qualify for absentee ballots," the statement says. "Exercising the right to vote should not be controversial or challenging. The right to vote defines us as a nation. We call on lawmakers to take action to ensure that civic participation in America continues to move forward, not backward, and that the United States has the most inclusive and equitable democracy in the world."

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