Why Google builds quantum computers, the LGBT+ experience in physics, CERN’s carbon footprint

In this episode of the Physics World Weekly podcast Google’s Sergio Boixo explains why the tech giant is building its own quantum computers. Boixo will be a plenary speaker at the upcoming Quantum 2020 virtual conference, and we will be interviewing other plenary speakers in future episodes of the podcast.

Next up is Ramon Barthelemy – a physicist at the University of Utah who has surveyed more than 300 LGBT+ physicists about their careers. Barthelemy chats with Physics World’s Matin Durrani about the survey and the issues faced by the LGBT+ physics community, which are also described in a paper in the European Journal of Physics.

CERN is home to the world’s largest particle collider and several experiments that are the size of small office blocks. So, it is not unexpected that the Geneva-based lab has a large carbon footprint. What is surprising, however, is the main source of CERN’s greenhouse gas emissions – as the science writer Kate Ravilious explains in the final segment of the podcast.

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